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Work-Life balance can be achieved without leaving home! Crochet can take some edge off your busy work schedule.

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Clearance & Relocation Sale – Up to 50%


The Clearance & Relocation Sale is finally here!  Never before, the supplies are going at 50% discount; finished products at 40% discount, and just to add icing to the cake, we are taking 25% off patterns too! The sale will end on 5 January 2015 for tangible items; patterns discount will end when the new…

Crochet Beanies & Mittens Pattern – New!


By popular demand, we have added the patterns of our beanies to our patterns collection and even launched a new category for gloves and mittens! The new beanies and mittens are made using super soft 100% merino wool for added warmth! This design is named “Kimberly”. It’s a sweet, (even a little girlie!) design, yet…

Amigurumi Christmas Lovers Julius & Juliane

Julius and Juliane Amigurumi Christmas Lovers

The petite Amigurumi Christmas lovers, Ben & Sophie, was a hit last year. They are amongst my proudest creations because of the intricate details that are added to create aesthetically pleasing dimension.

One of our good customers sent a request for the bigger version of Ben & Sophie. It is extremely difficult to decline her request because she was so polite, and most importantly, the request came as a romantic gesture.

So, here they are, ready to crash the Halloween Party!

Crochet Beanie and Hat – Restocked

To me, winter is a very romantic season. It’s when you want to feel warm and fuzzy. It is the season when you constantly want to snuggle up to your significant other for warmth. So, I like a softer blend to fit the fuzzy mood. Winter, is when beanies and hats are 100% legal and too cute to pass up on.

Reminder: We will NOT be restocking for all supplies once they sell out. Many popular sizes are either sold out or low stock now, stock up now before they are all gone.

Pay It Forward Birthday


Birthday, is all about love. Life can be challenging from time to time, but love helps make things more bearable. Birthday is about accepting the blessings from friends and love ones; sharing the love to perfect strangers; and embracing the good fortune of loving and being loved.

Beautify with Slouchy Beanies

Slouchy beanie (unisex)

There is something about slouchy beanie, it gives shape to the head and adds a personal attitude and almost a sense of free-spiritedness.

They are now available on our website; and they qualify as ‘limited edition’ since the yarns are discontinued and we don’t really have many of these yarns left. These beanies are more suited for cooler weather, but probably not for winter. The yarns used are cotton/hemp yarn; the material does not provide the kind of warmth to guard against snowy winter.

We will be picking up new yarns (soft premium acrylic – for people who are allergic to wool (me!); and wool too!) to make some items for the winter. Think cowls, scarves, more beanies!

Shopping tip: If you have been eyeing on our finished products, keep in mind that although we are bringing the finished products to the new location, shipping fee will not be as affordable, so take advantage of the low shipping fee now.

The Butterfly Effect – Brighten Your Mood

Butterfly brooch pin

Butterfly effect, an interesting theory, in some way signifies hope and mindfulness that a minute change can have a large effect somewhere else.

In my opinion, it supports the ‘random act of kindness’ gesture. A small act of kindness may have a great effect elsewhere that we may not be aware of, but if we continue to believe so, and continue to be kinder, perhaps we are inculcating a more compassionate society, bit by bit.

There are so much beauty in butterflies. They are such gorgeous creatives that flutter their wings, almost as though producing a graceful piece of dance with the wind.

Happy Birthday from BelLeeBeadz


Growing up, birthdays had been disasters, I dreaded to celebrate my birthday. Age helped me come to terms with plan gone awry, and to see the ‘cracks’ of imperfection as an opportunity to experience things beyond my constricted frame of mind.

This is my first birthday present this year. A very lovely bracelet from a very good friend, Belinda ( Belinda is a very special and nurturing friend, she is my go-to friend when someone broke my heart, or when I was stranded in a foreign land (oh right, did I not mention that I am a natural magnet to dramas, where do you think my bizarre imagination comes from!?!), or when I needed directions to places.

Belinda makes beautiful jewellery, and she always picked the most suitable pieces for me. I am a hard-core fashion criminal, and I will be thrown into the fashion prison if I attempted complex style, so I go for simplicity and basics. The bracelet she chose for me this year is exactly that.