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Work-Life balance can be achieved without leaving home! Crochet can take some edge off your busy work schedule.

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Amigurumi Pattern – High School Lovers


Featuring the budding love – high school sweethearts amigurumi pattern.

Anna and Alex were high school sweethearts. Life happened, and they went separate ways. Today, more than a decade later, their paths cross again and pick up where they left off. Some people call that fate or destiny; we call it second chance.

Eco-Friendly Bags | Dreamer Sun

Eco-Friendly bag for charity

We have listed three bags in three different sizes to our Charity Section in support of Autism & Asperger’s Awareness. These eco-friendly bags are made of 100% cotton, undyed and unbleached. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the selected organisation. *Only one piece per size, grab it now! The motif is a design…

Vacation Notice – August 2014

Please be advised that there will be NO shipping of products for the following dates: Period: 01 August to 17 August [ TANGIBLE PRODUCTS THAT REQUIRE POSTAGE SERVICES ] 1. Handcrafted products i.e. ready-made dolls, cozies, accessories etc + Last order – 30 July 2014 (Singapore Time) Orders received on and after 30 Jul, will…

Heart Charms, Restock Scrunchies and Bags


The heart charms in single colour are now available, only one piece per colour, but we will try to restock as promptly as we could, and increase the colour variation. Our scrunchies are very well received (thank you!!), so we have restocked and added a few more colours! Psst: still, time is not on our…

Crochet Scrunchies | Sun Doodles


The crochet scrunchies are now in the store! And we have also set up a store on zazzle to have our artwork made into some awesome products! The transaction, order process, and shipping will be handled by the good people at zazzle, we earn a small royalty fee from each sale. Go take a look!…

Summer Amigurumi and Creative Plans


What is your plan for summer? It’s really quite redundant here about summer. In case you are not aware, we have summer ALL YEAR round! It has something to do with our geographical location (tongue in cheek). I have been swamped! Once I got the wedding order done and out of the way, I am…

Charity for Autism and Asperger’s Awareness


About Autism Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a developmental disorder that causes impairments in communication, socialization, and restricted/repetitive interests or behaviors. People with autism have a difficult time understanding social cues and using social behaviors, and they have difficulty communicating using words or non-verbal behaviors. They also may have repetitive body movements, like…

Personalized Amigurumi Wedding Dolls


This amigurumi wedding dolls order has been accepted since last November, before we closed for winter vacation. I have been blessed with very good fortune, or rather, good customers. Most (if not all) of the brides who ordered the personalised wedding items from me are super patient and cooperative. It has something to do with…