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Unicorns Are Real!


It’s my birthday today. My first birthday in Perth. A very dear friend asked that I design a rainbow amigurumi unicorn, I didn’t get around to do that – I made her a doll wearing rainbow-colored robe instead. I have been trying to adjust to new environments, and although it has been a futile effort…

Anagha & I – In Remembrance of a Soulmate


The unexpected friendship between Anagha and I started in the most unusual yet seemingly mysteriously arranged fashion. In retrospect, it made perfect sense – she was extraordinary. In prior to this post, I had drafted another post, more emotional and with a heavy dash of melancholic scent. I decide to move that draft to my personal…

Amigurumi Ambassadors for Charity!


Last Friday saw the end of this study semester for me. With all examinations behind me, I can finally hug the yarns and crochet in my sleep! Ok, clearly, I am still recovering from bizarre sleep routine. I didn’t just make this other pair of “Alice & Michael” loving old couple. I made them a…

Alice & Michael Amigurumi – Old Couple Love

Alice & Michael taking a stroll in the park

Alice and Michael had missed many opportunities in the past. They had been separated many times because of circumstances, but their love never changed even though life slips by without the other person by the side. There is no time to waste on regrets, but to live what’s left to the fullest, and enjoy love…

Fairy Tale Amigurumi: 5 Patterns eBook


We have more or less settled in in Perth, and the classes have started. The yarns have not reached us though, and to our horror, there is not much of a yarn store around the area! Let’s hope the yarns arrive safe, sound, sooner than later. Meanwhile, this is another compilation of themed-patterns – Fairy…

Hello, Australia!


Ok, so we are not really ‘sailing’ to Australia, or anywhere else! We are old school, not that old, but regular old (yes, signs of fatigue from prepping for relocation!), we are taking a flight to DownUnder! We do hope that it’s a smooth sailing journey, and smooth transition for the major life changes and…

Cultural Wedding Crochet Patterns eBook


This is another compilation of some of our best selling wedding patterns – small sized wedding dolls. This eBook features 4 wedding styles, including cultural wedding like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and the western style. Except for the western wedding pattern – Joshua and Jenni – the other three patterns are no longer available for purchase.…

eBook – 12 Zodiac Amigurumi Patterns


Our 12 zodiac animals have always been popular when nearing the Lunar New Year (falls on 19 Feb this year). This year, we decide to compile the patterns into a eBook! With that decision, these 12 animals patterns are no longer available for purchase as single patterns. Psst: We will be compiling some other themes soon, if…