Nisse Lovers – Berit & Paul Amigurumi Pattern


The ‘Nisse Lovers’ is catalogued under our ‘Love Story Series’. Nisse Berit, like other Nisse, protects the children in the household from harm. She is however, a garden Nisse, where she could be at the forefront of defence from any attempt by the crooks. Nisse Berit has the kindest heart, and eyes for beauty. As […]

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Nisse Amigurumi Dolls – The First Kiss


It was only meant to be just the Nisse girl with an endearing story; then, she seems a tad too lonely without a playmate and partner. So, the Nisse boy comes along; and we now have Nisse Amigurumi Dolls! The boy turns out so well, I am completely in love with the boy! My host […]

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Amigurumi Lovers – Bus-stop Lovers


Life is practically made up of stories and mini-stories. I have zillions of stories to tell, and I have an amazing(ly crazy) memory for events, so it is nearly impossible for me to run out of stories (unless… well, let’s stay optimistic!). This was my personal love story. It will always stay as a story. […]

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Love Warms Even the Coldest – Charity


This is my first winter vacation. My first experience with fallen snow flakes. The weather has been bizarrely freezing cold and cozy warm. I have a silly mantra, and I thought I would share this with you. When I travel, I try to contribute back to the community and cities that I visit. We talk […]

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LoveMeGurumi – Valentine Amigurumi Patterns


It’s no secret that I am a crochet addict; how else do I sustain a crafting business largely dominated by crocheted products since 2006? The yarns that I shipped to the States (where I currently am) has not arrived, and I doubt I would be productive during the vacation because I am also actively working […]

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Free Crochet Chunky Infinity Cowl Pattern


So, I have traveled from a all-seasons-summer Singapore to colder countries  for winter getaway. If you have been a crochet addict like myself, you would agree that vacation absolutely DOES NOT apply to crochet; if anything, I want to crochet more when I am on vacation! It’s very cold here, so I have made myself […]

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Start 2014 with 20% Storewide Discount!


Start a New Amigurumi Project for 2014! What’s your resolution for 2014? How about a new Amigurumi project every month? There is another reason to incorporate this into your resolution (if you are subscribed to our newsletter, you ought to be at least a little addicted to cuteness!) because we are taking 20%* discount off your purchase! Psst.. […]

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Nisse Dolls – Amigurumi Santa Ben & Santarina Sophie for Christmas


I don’t have a lot of time before the final exam for this year; however, I felt ‘compelled’ to make this pair of jolly happy lovers for the holiday season! I was told that they look like Nisse, the mythical guardians that live among the human race. They protect the children from evil and help with […]

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