Mike & Lis Wedding

Customised Wedding Favors for Mike & Lis, in a set of Magnet, Thank You note, Insert backing to hold the magnet.

Are you planning for your wedding and vexing over wedding favors? I have received many favors before too, and sadly to say, many of them are still lying in the storage box, as I simply have no idea what to do with them.

As some people may think giving out a fridge magnet is tacky, some beg to differ. Guests no longer need to search their guilt conscience of chucking the wedding favors into the storage, or comtemplating to use a personalised item which reads ‘Mike & Lis’. Now they can conveniently stick it on their fridge, and tell some stories of the wedding each time a visitor sees the magnet. Close friends can bring it to work and use it as memo holder.

Wedding is a very special event, and we want to give that special and uniqueness to each couple, so all designs are customisable to their requirements.

Packing the wedding favor is an art, the favor may be small, but the presentation is factored into the impression that your guests have about you. Featured here is one idea, tie around a matching colored crochet flower with a glittering gold ribbon. Gold color has always been a symbol of great value and elegance. Tie it around on the corner if you like, so that you can still show off the gorgeous magnet. The sky is the limit for your creativity!

Crochet flower gift decoration is not included in the favor set, this can however be requested as separate order. Special price is quoted for custom order for wedding favor.

Please inquire with sales[at]simpleartsplanet[dot]com for more details.

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