My New Crochet Kitten

I have always love to crochet. I started to crochet when I was as young as 10 years old or so. I started my crocheting projects with basic chain, single stitch, double stitch etc. We then proceed to do more complicated projects such as heart-shaped cushions, tissue box holder, baby dolls’ dresses etc. 

As we grew up, time for interests and hobbies seemed to shrink. Regardless, my interest for crochet has never been discounted. Several years ago, I picked up this hobby again, and made 3 sling bags for my 3 nieces (the youngest was too young then, so she didn’t get a bag), they loved them!

Today, I referred to a tutorial, and discovered that I was reading greeks!!!! Well, the instructions were a little too technical for me. Those techniques I had been using were actually just known to me today in formal terms. I’d never known what were the techniques known of. I spent almost half an hour trying to decipher the instructions. Another half an hour on trial and error.

Finally, I managed to follow-through the instruction (ok, I actually surfed the web to find out what each stitch meant) and completed the kitten! I would think that it’s pretty nice job done given it’s first attempt, with insufficient materials.

This kitten measures 3″ tall. Strangely, it was supposed to be 4″ tall, and the original kitten looked fatter in the picture. I shall think that this is Asian size kitten, petite but still glamourous. I added the additional necklace using a trimming I bought last year.

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