Macky, The Baby Army Bear

Macky loves army stuffs, so I made him an army colored tees, with a matching cap. It sure makes him a very happy baby bear!

The tees has a prominent neckline and sleeves trimming. Since Macky is happy to be hooked up with keychain so that his owner can wear him on the back, hooked up keys, I made the cap tailed to the tee, so that you never have to lose Macky even when you swing it around.

Macky’s Bio:

– Macky sits at 8cm tall

– His best friend is the playful Jordan.

Customisation is available upon request, just state the colors you want your very own Macky to be, we will try our very best effort to match your request.

(Note that your Macky’s attire may vary slight from the images featured here, as the arrangement of the variegated color yarn may shift slightly; Macky now comes with a chain hook instead of the keychain hook)


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