Modification, and New Bear – Mikey

I am starting to miss my camera now.. My 2mega pixel phone camera simply can’t live up to my standards.

I have made modification/addition to the previously completed purse. It is now multi-function. With an additional card slot at the back, definitely make a more nifty purse. I used to carry a purse like that, that I slot in all my credit cards, business cards (you never know who you are going to meet, even at the neighbourhood market!), dump in some coins in the pocket; I even drop in the few keys in the pocket, so that I just need to hold a purse and nothing else.

I finally completed another bear doll, after much distractions. The new bear, is named Mikey (read as Mike-kie), simply because this is specially made for my husband Mike. There will be one more bear doll coming up, it shall be named as Lissy, which is me. Maybe the girl bear should wear a more fritty hat, let’s see what else I can do for Lissy bear.

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