Mother’s Day Gift

This day of the year has arrived again to credit the hardworking mother who doesn’t complain about the hardship over the years.

Mike has gotten a new cell phone for his mother. I remmeber when Mike’s mum was at my retail spot just the other day, and we presented her with the crocet/felted hobo bag which I made her, she asked if there was cell phone case. Ahhhhh.. Now I can jump on that opportunity to make her one. I am sure she will be happy to receive a new gorgeous cell phone, complete with a cell phone case!

Her cell phone is slightly longer than the usual size that I made for sale, so I custom made one just for her. There is no flurry fuzzy yarn on the opening, as I think she would prefer simple design.
It’s always a pleasure to use variegated yarn, you never can tell how the pattern arrangement can turn out into. For this one, it amazingly formed slant stripes. It was so unintentional, and I doubt I can plan to do that anyway.

As usual, crochetted flower which has become my signature gift wrapping style, is whipped up for this special gift too. It is really very pretty to attach a crochet flower and tie it with a nice ribbon. I have also included a gift tag, whereby I punched a hole with one-hole puncher and wrote some sweet note, slipped into the ribbon. There you go, a very neat gift to get into my mum-in-law’s good book!
I’m not sure, but I do think my Chinese handwriting sucks! I used to write better in both English and Chinese. Somewhat, after years of being Secretary, I am ‘cultivated’ to scribble, when bosses out there speak so quickly, I couldn’t care less to write beautifully. Technology plays a part in my poor handwritten words too. I realised I couldn’t write without making mistakes! So to speak, the ‘backspace’, ‘undo’ are so convenient, my brain must have been so trained to be less cautious and prone to mistakes. My brain says, ‘What’s the big deal, after all, we can always undo the mistakes’.

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