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Simple Arts Planet really started off with just drawings, and artworks. That was what brought me to getting the button machines. A good friend suggested that I could make badges from my cutesy artwork.

So I did. I made some cards with the artwork too. However, I have neglected my drawings when I started to diversify my craftings. I am trying to get back to it soon. I am only left with limited cards for sale in BagAge. I haven’t been doing new images, so I have not been printing them too. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about it. I even dreamt of myself doing new images. I remembered I scored very high marks in graphic designs during my arts classes.

I created out of vegetables, fruits, masses of stuffs. I especially like the outcome each time. Not quite the same as the raw materials, but somewhat very facinating to my eyes.

Shall try that next week. The only thing that is pulling me back is the coloring. I used to do water-coloring, and shading, but I am trying to figure out how to digitalise it now. I shall do try out some methods and see which works out best.

I’ve gotten myself a Flickr pro account too, so my stuffs are up there now.





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