Childhood Swing

My first attempt to do wire works around the donut findings.

This earring is inspired by the flashbacks of my childhood. In our previous home, there was one playground. There was a swing built for the children, and one out of the two swings was always broken. With only one swing available, my sister and I always have to race with each other to get to the swing first. Whoever reached the swing first, was entitled to sit the swing first, while the other person helped to push.

The swing we had was made of used tyres, metal rods and chains were suspended on the 2 sides of the tyres and hooked on the swinging rod.
I created this earring with an addition of smaller donut on the top, to increase the length of the dangling earrings.

For the first attempt, I would think I did a pretty nice job, after all, I have no formal jewelry training or classes. The wire wrapping is purely instinctive.

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