Mixes of Moods Ponytail Holders (set of 4)

I’ve gotten some fabric scraps from one fellow etsy seller some time back, I love the mixes of colors.

Honestly, I get bored with one same color or design. This is good news for a crafter, that could mean she would be more innovative and creative in her works, wouldn’t she? It’s a win-win situation though, my customers would get to see more variations and new stuffs every now and then.

As I am not making too many repeats, this blog serves as a catalog too, you can always request for similar design of items not available for sale, provided that the material is still available.

For this batch of ponies, it’s really going to be one-of-a-kind (OOAK) as I am not able to source for the same fabric.

I have been making and selling ponytail holders since I started out Simple Arts Planet, and received many rave reviews on the product.


– This is sold in set of 4, a great mixes of colors to suit the everchanging moods across the week, months….

– Each ponytail holder measures 1.25″ across.

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