Crochet Flowers for Gift Wrapping

The standard gift wrap decoration.
New wraping decoration, this is a ‘carrier style’ packaging, using the ribbon as a carrier loop, this will avoid covering up the customised magnet and the wordings at the back.

Packaging is an art, the item may be small, but the presentation is factored into the impression that your receiver have about you. Featured here is an idea, tie around a matching colored crochet flower with a glittering gold ribbon. Gold color has always been a symbol of great value and elegance. Tie it around on the corner if you like, so that you can still show off the gorgeous magnet. The sky is the limit for your creativity!

This crochet flower is handmade. Each gift flower is priced at S$10/pack, each pack consists of 15 flowers. Bulk order enjoys a larger discount off the price, this offer is especially extended to the wedded couple, or party organizers. For orders above quantity of 100 units, please send in a request for quote to [email protected].

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