PDF Crochet Pattern – Greyho Puppy, The Hardworker

Alas, I managed to complete a puppy pattern. I have been asked to design a puppy crochet doll for a long time. It’s just a little more challenging for me, since I have very vague impression on puppy.

If you think this is some kind of chemistry project, with the molecular formation, well, sorry to disappoint you. This is what comes off my trials of puppy parts.

I know some genius out there can manage numbers so well, they can literally visualise the finished doll with just the stitch counts. I can’t work with numbers so well (and hey, I didn’t fail my maths alright, it’s just not instinctive for me with numbers) so I figured out a way to go around my weakness. I ‘graphicalise’ them so that it is better transmitted up to the numbers blocking brain of mine.

This listing is for pdf crochet pattern of Greyho, the finished doll is listed separately.

Greyho stands at a height of 6.5cm tall, the size varies with yarn and hook size.

This is an easy pattern which only requires single crochet, slip stitch and working rounds. To help you through, many illustration images are included in my file.

Total of 8 pages of detailed instructions with many illustration images in the file. Illustration pages are placed right at the end of file, so that experienced crafter may choose not to print those pages.

Finished Doll – Selling of finished doll is allowed
Graphical limitation – Selling of finished doll in Singapore retail is strictly prohibited.
Pattern – Distribution and resale of pattern is stictly prohibited.

For any assistance you may need pertaining to the crochet pattern, please feel free to contact me on my email (in the pdf file), I normally respond within a day. Even for the simplest question that you may think not worth asking, I urge you to pop that question too, I sincerely want to help you sail through the project.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the pattern, however typo error may sometimes still occur. Be assured that any correct required to be made to the pattern will be made known to you via email once the error is detected.

No shipping fee is required as the file will be sent to your email as soon as payment is received. (within a day) Please ensure that your email address is provide to me when checking out.

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