Simple Arts Planet Selling at Internatinal Online Shops!

Simple Arts Planet is selling at an international platform on several online selling sites, some of which you may be familiar with.

As our main eShop is not ready, it’s important we provide choices to buyers.

Dawanda is based in Europe, although quite a new site, its features are impressive. Prices are listed in Euro.


Simple Arts Planet has been selling in Etsy since Nov 06, and is enjoying every bit of it. Etsy is based in USA, but it attracts buyers from all over the world. Prices are listed in USD, and items sold there are handmade from many talented crafters.

We have just joined Mintd for less than 2 weeks. Mintd is newly set up, but it’s improving its site and service quickly. Mintd is based in Australia, prices listed in Mintd for Simple Arts Planet are in USD.


Singapore buyers are never being neglected. We have listed items up at too, so that local buyers may purchase from eBay, a familiar online market place for the locals.

Items are not fully listed up at most of the sites at this moment, since it’s only me working on it, most crochet items are up though, do check the stores out. To visit the stores, you may click on the icon on the sidebar under ‘SAP selling here too’, or just click on the shop images in this post.

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