The Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf Amigurumi

The Little Red Riding Hood Amigurumi

The Little Red Riding Hood Amigurumi

The Little Red Riding Hood Amigurumi

What inspired me to design and make this fairytale? You won’t believe the credit goes to Kangie, the shy kangaroo eh?

The story goes that when I was designing Kangie, I hit the hard corners a bit here and there, just to get the head right. Guess what, the head I first made, turned out to be a wolf lookalike head instead. I kept the scribbles of the instruction aside while I finish up Kangie.

I thought it’s time to start the wolf pattern, and wolf doesn’t seem to be a very popular design, and the one very famous wolf would be none other than the big bad wolf. Then, came the idea of Reddie, the red riding hood.

I didn’t use craft eyes for Wolfie because I want to make Wolfie as ‘bad’ as it can, and using the craft eyes may make Wolfie looks too innocent and kind. This set of dolls would be pretty safe for young children too, since no detachable parts are used.

There are several versions to the fairytale, which you can read up more at this link:

I like the one whereby there’s no eating up of the granny and reddie best. I am going to develop my own. Here goes:

Reddie’s grandma has been ill, and reddie, who is a really obedient and kind hearted girl, brought a basket of home baked cookies and pastries to visit grandma. She walks through the forest and meets a sneaky looking wolf, with a heart of gold, she doesn’t judge him or suspects him.

The wolf pretends that he is ill and asks for some cookies in the basket. Reddie tells him that she is going to visit her grandma who is also ill. She promises though, that after she visits her grandma, she will go back home and make more cookies just for him.

Wolfie finds out where she is heading and races towards grandma’s house ahead of Reddie. Grandma is out to see a doctor, so no one’s home. Wolfie hides inside of the house awaits patiently for Reddie to arrive.

When Reddie arrives, she knocks on the door.. ‘Knock Knock..’

Wolfie: Who’s there?
Reddie: Grandma, it’s Reddie, open up.
Wolfie: Oh, sweetheart Reddie, I would love to open the door, but I am down with a contagious flu, so I’m afraid I can’t open up, did you bring anything for grandma?
Reddie: I brought some home made cookies and pastries for you, grandma.
Wolfie: That’s sweet of you, why don’t you just leave at the door, I will collect it once you are gone? That I won’t be spreading the germs to you.
Reddie: Oh, alright.

A moment later, Wolfie opens up and takes the basket of cookies. To his surprise, Reddie stands at a distance looking back and him. She comes forward and says, ‘Mr Wolf, I promised to make you some cookies, why do you want to steal from my grandma?’

Wolfie feels utterly ashamed of himself and apologizes. He puts the basket of cookies on the table and left, head down.

Reddie keeps her promise and brings a basket of cookies to Wolfie later in the day. They become friends since. (remember, I love good beautiful ending for fairytale, where no one dies)

The original moral of the story was to teach children not to stray off the path. The moral of my story is to teach children never to walk into the forest alone without an adult; never to speak to stranger including revealing information to stranger. Although in my story, Wolfie and Reddie become friends, but in real life situation, the Wolfie we meet may not be as repentant as Wolfie in my story.

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  1. Chula
    March 11, 2008 at 5:26 PM

    I love your work. It´s so cute!!

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