Snooky Snake – Custom Order

Snooky Snake for J

déjà vu? Look closer, little purple snooky is wearing a different color shirt this time around. Let’s say that the buyer who ordered the previous snooky snake for her grandniece fell in love with the purple snake, and ordered another for herself.

I selected her favorite colors and sure hope she loves it.

I have completely forgotten to take a group photo for this batch of order. I woke up packing orders and my group of relatives came to my home to make some pastries/cookies.

It’s kind of déjà vu too. We usually only make that cookies for Lunar New Year. They are really trying to prove that we need no special occasion to make a specific cookie. Make them whenever you feel like eating them.

With all the bustling background of laughters and talks, and the need to pack up some orders, it just slipped my mind to take a group photo for these cuties. They are going to the same family of people, so I guess they really won’t mind not having a group photo.

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