Happy Pointie

Happy Pointie

A lovely buyer contacted me to verify on the pattern of Pointie (in the Monsties Trio set), in order to verify it, I made one Pointie (my draft of scribbles is nowhere to be found) and indeed, there was error in the pattern.

I am always and will always be thankful for buyers who step forward to clarify doubts with me. As much as I try to provide 100% error-free pattern, I can’t say that I can always achieve it, hey, I am really a human, don’t doubt about that!

Instead of the crooked smile, I changed it to a straight line smile. Mike agrees to adopt this little monster, so I make this according to his liking. I know the horns are not so pointed too, Mike loves Dotty quite a fair bit, and he tends to want the horns to bend like Dotty.

Since the buyer expressed that she needed to look for craft eyes, I use the 12mm eyes on this Pointie, so that she can take a look at the difference and consider which one she wants to search for.

With this Pointie, I am done with orders that needed to send before my holiday (Yippppeee!!!)

I thought it was Firefox that has a problem loading my gallery pictures on my website, but actually it was IE that gave a bigger problem!!!!


It was complete defaced and distorted. Gosh!!! After some struggle (I am so glad I have time today…) I managed to fix the problem. Now all the pictures are loading properly, and the pages are in right alignment (except that I still hate IE, it kind of distort the images a little). Safari and Firefox are the best!!!

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