Purple Joycezie; Taupe Gogi for Cyndi

Purple Joycezie for Cyndi

Cyndi is also a repeat buyer. She is not as adventurous when it comes to colors. I can completely understand that, I am not better known for good color senses too. Colors are very personal, each of us have a different preference. Each color may reveal a little something about ourselves. 

Cyndi simply told me she wanted a purple bull, I match up the rest for her. I sure hope she likes the color combination though.

Here are other Joycezie I have made.

Taupe Gogi for Cyndi

I love earth tones, Cyndi wants a light taupe color goat. Oh well, ok, she actually mentioned cream color, but I think she really meant light taupe, because she was referring to the existing Gogi I had made. 

I matched up the other colors for her using Yellow, earthy brown, and red for the body. Personally, these are my favorite colors..LOL.. Yellow goes perfectly well with bright red or bright orange, I think it makes what I call ‘Happy Colors’. I have very low concept with regards to the 4 seasons, since we practically only have Summer and raining seasons here in Singapore.

Yellow on its own is a happily bright color, it strikes perfectly well with orange and red. Orange is the secondary color from primary color yellow and red, therefore it tone down a little yet jest up the single color. I know, I am just trying to make my own favorite combination sounds more logical. Regardless logical or not, colors are just very personal, they probably don’t need to make sense at all.

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