Kenny & Keidi Amigurumi Bears – Papa Lil Girl

Keidi, Daughter Bear

Keidi is just 6cm tall, she is my little darling girlie bear, who has a protective yet loving father. 

Kenny, Papa Bear

Kenny is 7cm tall, a diplomatic papa bear who goes all out to protect his precious baby girl – Keidi. Although not all too macho, he does all he could just to make sure his baby girl will always be safe. 

Papa Little Girl

I know there are many amigurumi bears out there, but I am confident my bears are unique in their own ways. I will always try to design my dolls in full 3-D presentation as much as I could. If you think this pair of bears are made using similar counts, you will be disappointed that I adopted different techniques to make them different. If you observe carefully, Keidi’s head is slimmer, while Kenny’s head is rounder. 

I named this theme ‘Papa lil girl’, a tribute to the upcoming Father’s Day. No matter how old I have grown to become, or how many gray hair I may have (oh well, you can’t quite count my gray hair since I color my hair regularly), or if my skin is covered with countless of age spots; in the eyes of my daddy, I will always be his treasured little girl.

I am the youngest at home, between my sister and I, my father is closer to me, perhaps because I am mostly at home. Since small, I have been a homely person, while my sister was (and still is) a wild horse ever needing to venture the big wide world outside.

Being a better listener than my sister, I spend more time with my dad listening to his old and new stories. It’s been widely acknowledged by relatives that I take after my dad more too.

I took the pictures of the bears with some standard backdrop and also added a small tin chest which I received as a gift in Cambodia. I placed Keidi in the tin chest to reflect that she will always be Kenny’s treasured little baby girl.

When I was smaller, whenever I ran into some trouble with the school teachers (oh yeah, I used to argue quite a fair bit with my Secondary School teachers), I would come home and tell my dad about it. Ok, you guessed it, perhaps it was a cunning little trick I was taking, to prepare my dad before the school did….LOL.. My dad never fail to back me up. To be honest, I really think I was in the ‘right’ and I was merely standing by what I thought was right to do.

I planned to make a mama little boy last month, before Mother’s Day arrived, I was so interrupted with other urgent orders, I couldn’t bring the project to realization. I am glad I made it to Father’s Day. Truly, I am my papa little girl. 🙂

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