Unofficial Amigurumi Care Instruction

Mike has quite a collection of my amigurumi dolls in his previous car, when we were changing the car, we packed everything in large bags so that we can transfer to the new car.

We used to hang the dolls on the back seat windows since we had a 2-doors car, now that the new car is a 4-doors car, we can’t hang them up on the window anymore. Mike suggested that I remove the jumprings from the dolls so that we can have them lined up at the back window instead. 

Gosh, while I was removing the jumprings, I noticed that most of the dolls are soiled and dirty. 

Pic 1 - Ami Care

Look at Rebbie! She was all soiled and stained! I decided it’s just about time to have the little ones cleaned up before moving into the new car.

Most of my dolls are inserted with safety eyes, so I need to protect these sparkling sweet eyes from getting scratched. So this is what I did: 

Step 1:

Get a bolster cover (if you are washing the bedding, you may use the used bolster cover, otherwise, just any spare bolster cover is fine), tie up one end. 

Pic 2 - Ami Care
Pic 3 - Ami Care

Step 2:

Place Rebbie into the bolster cover from the opening of the other end, push it right to the end where the cover was tied.

Pic 4 - Ami Care













Step 3:

Just leave some room for Rebbie, and hold the position.

Pic 5 - Ami Care













Step 4: 

Using the stash yarn strands (you may replace with any washable material), tie a tight knot just under where Rebbie is. I have many dolls to clean today, so I repeat the steps over again until all dolls are in the bolster cover. When you are done, tie up the other opening of the bolster cover.

Pic 6 - Ami Care

Step 5: 

When all the dolls are placed inside the bolster cover and tied accordingly, they are ready for a ‘hydrotherapy massage’! 

Pic 7 - Ami Care













Step 6: 

Place the bundle of dolls into the washer, together with the other laundry you are doing. That helps to conserve water and energy, rather than doing the washes separately. I use cool water wash in standard fuzzy wash cycle. (wash, rinse, drain) I don’t recommend soaking in prior to wash.

You may add in your usual detergent, anti-bacterial solution and softener at the final rinse etc, and let the washer does the rest. (You really don’t need to ‘supervise’ the washer or the dolls, I am sure they are just fine, go get a cuppa coffee)

Pic 8 - Ami Care

Pic 9 - Ami Care
























Step 7: 

When the wash has completed the entire wash cycle, take the bundle out, and snip away the yarns with scissors, and remove the dolls out from the bolster cover.

Pic 10 - Ami Care

Step 8: 

Well, the little ones are still looking happy, and sparkling clean. The eyes are still shiny scratch-less. 

Pic 11 - Ami Care

Step 9:

After a nice smelling bath, they are needing a sun-bathing. Personally, I would prefer not to have them placed under direct sunlight to prevent color fading. I choose to wind-dry them in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Pic 12 - Ami Care

When they are dry, you may re-insert the jumpring and chains, and they are as good as new.

This amigurumi care method is tried and tested by myself several times before, that said, I can’t guarantee the results or warrant against possible damages.

4 comments for “Unofficial Amigurumi Care Instruction

  1. February 2, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    Hi.I love this technique.You are awesome.the amis are so adorable n cute.I would like to know how to clean amis which are just a little dirty n can skip a bath?I love making amigurumis too,so in my home there are many amis in shelves,but after some time they get dust no matter how clean i keep my home.So,is there a way to regularly dust amis?I dont have a vaccume cleaner.

    Oh,one more thing,how do you display amis at home?I mean in a shelf,or a toy organizer etc. etc.

    • February 7, 2012 at 11:02 AM


      My apologies for the delayed response, was away for a vacation.

      I guess it depends on the material used to make the amigurumi; mine are mostly made of acrylic yarn, which is quite susceptible to humidity and dirt, it takes quite a while before it’s dirty enough for me to toss them into a ‘swirling bath’.

      For cotton yarn, it may get a little tricky, as they tend to stain, sometimes permanently.

      I have a few of the amis hung by my computer, and I toss them in the washer once every six months or longer. They look really fine, but if they get dusty, I just use damp cloth to wipe off the dust.

  2. February 7, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    hi.Thanks for the answer.i also use acrylic yarn for all my amis.I guess i will be dusting them regularly n if they get dirty will use a damp cloth as you advised.And if still dirty,may be its time for them to take a bath…

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