PJ & I

I have mentioned PJ in many of my recent posts, haven’t I?

Now, I shall unveil more about the relationship/partnership about us. 

PJ is not a personal friend, although I may have painted a misleading picture about that. You see, I do regard her as a friend, a new partner, and most importantly, a very talented designer!

I was linked up with PJ through a previous client (bride), Wendy who ordered her wedding favors from me. I loved her graphic image immediately and took the plunge to ask Wendy to connect PJ to me. PJ was excited about my proposal and we hit it off right away.

PJ and I are working on a new project right now, with a bride from Hawaii, for her wedding favors. I can’t tell you how easy it has been to work with PJ. You may have heard that creative people may have this streak of eccentric behaviors and all. I don’t find a trace of it in PJ. She approaches all my requests and suggestions with an open mind. 

The bride has been really wonderful! She is very receptive to new ideas and suggestions. I am starting to think that she may have engaged a tiny psychology on me. She repeated said, ‘I trust you’. Well, that I think is a great enforcement to my ability to think up more outside the box. 

I have to admit that creativity is only at its height when the client is open to new ideas, and that the designer is willing to explore into new concepts. 

Did I mention that I have not met up with PJ yet? Oh yeah, we are 100% virtual friends and partners. I would consider PJ more as a team mate, because although she is contracted with saplanet for design projects (believe me, I would love to get her in to do this full-time for us if I could, but right now, we are just fine with this arrangement), we work like a duo team, whereby we bounce off ideas to/fro. 

Personally, I find PJ a chirpy and fun loving person. Don’t take my words for it, check out her spuid-spuid blog.  

To share her talents, I am encouraging PJ to start up an Etsy shop, with that in mind, my mind is already exploding with ideas of collaboration with her. Keep watch, and I will be updating on our latest works. woohoo.. this is simply way too thrilling!

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  2. PJ
    June 15, 2008 at 9:07 PM

    hahaa….I’m so flattered eh.

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