DaWanda European Championship Special!

Have you heard about it already? DaWanda is running the European Championship Special! Sellers are invited to participate in this promotion, and we are joining the fun!

DaWanda European Championship Special

When you browse on the catalogue, look out for the football icon (look at the red circle and arrow on the image below) on the top left corner of the product, that indicates that the seller is participating in the promotion, and items with the icon is subject to 11% discount when you check out! Sounds like a fun thing eh!

Look out for the football icon

No better time than this time to do your shopping with DaWanda. 

We love DaWanda, I received a text message earlier today, and I thought it must be my husband checking in to ask if I needed lunch. Better still, it was a message notifying me that I have sold an time. Ok, it was a little cranky because I received 4 messages regarding the same sale, and the when I was completely famished, I really hoped at least one of the other messages was about food. However, I am still delighted to have this feature, especially when I was away from my computer working on orders, it’s nice to be informed of the order (from far away Germany!), so that I can act on it. Thumbs up, DaWanda!

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