New goodies, new ideas, new projects!

New craft eyes!

My new cat eyes..
My new cat eyes...

My new cat eyes...
bigger black eyes

My favorite amber color eyes

Any crafter would know what it feels like to get new supplies. Crafting is indeed a good way to cultivate patience, I swear!

At the time when I placed the order, my mind was circling around various ideas (while struggling to finish up on hands orders) with the new supplies. Then, it was waiting time for shipment…

When it finally arrived, many a times, the initially developed ideas would vanish in thin air, because only when you see the real stuff, you start to explode with fresh concrete ideas. 

I really really wish to work with these new supplies quickly… For every plan, there is likely to have other small eventualities to sway you away from the track, and how true is that. I need to get some orders out by Thursday, and I am going out on Thursday, so these new projects just have to stay put for the time being.

It’s been.. hmmm.. weeks? 2 weeks? since I last stepped out of my house, and I am going on a date with Mike on Thursday, hopefully we get to catch a movie, if it’s not too crowded (it’s school holiday now, and I think it’s likely to be packed everywhere). 🙂 

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