Tips – DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

I have been complaining about blistered fingers forever! Imagine days when I have to rush tens of dolls, and my fingers rubbing against those protruding wordings on my favorite tulip brand crochet hook, it’s no wonder that my thumb got fed-up and gave me painful blister just to make sure I stop abusing it. 

Now, I am not willing to give up my tulip brand hook, it is probably still the best crochet hook I have used (believe me, I have used many brands since age 10 when I started to crochet), and I can’t find comfort grip here in Singapore, and I am not sure if the comfort grip may decrease the control over the crochet hook. If you know me, I am a stubborn and domineering crafter who demands complete control over the stitches. 

My thumb did it again yesterday, and I had to complete some orders, so I had to squeeze every cell of my brain to fix this recurring problem, and refused to be defeated by this problem. 

Crafting does push your limits in creativity, and here I found one very affordable way to counter the problem, and I am more than thrilled to share it with you! (I feel your pain too!!!)

DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

Materials need:
1. Showy Thread Seal Tape (Any brand is fine, this is what we use to fix the leaking tap etc, easily available in DIY store, or hardware store, probably about $1.00)
2. Your favorite Tulip brand crochet hook (any brand that has wording on it applies too) 

DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

+ Pull out the seal tape (it’s flimsy, avoid folds on the tape)
+ Wrap it around the protruding wordings as show above, pull slightly as you wrap, that will ensure that the surface is smoothed out.  

DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

+ You may see some overlapping lines there, don’t worry too much, I have that fixed too

DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

+ Using your finger/thumb, just rub it down, it helps to smooth the overlaps better


DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

+ The lines and overlaps are now less visual and feels smoother in touch too

DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

+ Repeat the wraps until you are satisfied with the thickness, or when you don’t feel the wordings anymore
+ Cut the tape off, and rub it down, it ‘stick’ to the wraps (try to end the tape at the other end which you have lesser contact with, that will ensure that the end stays where it should) 

DIY comfort grip for crochet hook

+ Ta da! Now, you have your own inexpensive DIY comfort grip. I have used this reinvented crochet hook to make a few dolls yesterday, and my thumb is not complaining, both my thumb and I are very happy now. 

If the tape wears out, you may just repeat the steps again, again, and again. Unlike fabric, or other tapes, this seal tape is not made of adhesive, therefore it doesn’t create permanent damage to the crochet hook.

Let me know if that works for you eh, all I know, it works perfectly for me.

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