Prototype of New Line is a Success!!!

This is soooooo exciting!!!

I mentioned that I am going to explore a new line of products, so I did a prototype of the new product today. Oh my! I am so loving it! I think if mum is going to help with this, she is probably going to be involved with the ‘foundation’ while I will fill in the details. 

I am going to spend today trying out several variations, and if all goes well, I will start hunting for new materials (oh yes, I need new materials, so I am letting loose some hints here, it’s not amigurumi). 

I was planning to name the new line as H series, H = Hong = my mum’s name. LOL.. 

After much thinking, I am going to name it ‘Re’ line. This will encompass a wider range, and I am still building it around the mysterious mist here. I really can’t ‘Re’veal too much yet.

This is going to very much a dedication to my mum, and to my childhood. The very initial inspiration derived from my mum’s cooking though (I had a picture of it stored in my computer, when it’s launched, you will get to see that food stuff which was already digested), which then chain led me to my childhood game, so on and so forth. 

Times like this, I am so needing to share my excitement with someone who appreciates crafting, but at this moment, I am pretty much alone. Mum is out, Mike is out, Dad was asleep. Was, because I figured I had no choice but to seek his ‘consenting opinion’, in order for me to move forward. Dad was sound asleep, and yes, meanie Lis had to subtly and put on the most pitiful and adorable juvenile expression (to avoid any awaken roar from the lion) and with my sweetest voice, I woke him up and showed him my new design. 

Before I spill the bean, I’d better head back to the working room and work on several more variations.. Yippee!!!

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