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I know I have talked about the new series forever. These little ones have been waiting very patiently to be launched forever too. I am pleased to announce that they are out in the new shopping cart NOW!

the re:series inspiration process

I have kept this as confidential as I could, but Cindy is amongst the first to see the prototype, when I met up with her some time back.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that as far back as March this year, my mum was informed by her employer that she was amongst the few to be relocated to another company. Since then, my mum had been worried that she might not adapt to the new working environment.

I knew immediately I wanted to come up with a new series that she may help out with, I will then pay her for the work. My mum sews, so I needed a series that involves sewing. I had considered quite many possibilities, but couldn’t settle with any.

Mum and her siblings had decided to bring forward the dumpling making (Dragon Boat Festival) this year due to some traveling plans. That evening I noticed a dumpling (the first image above), and I was reminded of the days when I helped with sorting the grains of rice. This was when all the inspirations sparked off!

That dumpling reminded me of the childhood game we used to play back then – 5 stones (also known as knuckles in some countries). The 5-stones we played were really made of fabric, rather than the real stones. Mum had been living a frugal lifestyle when we were small, just so that we can manage our household finances with the small monthly paycheck that dad brought home. Mum would sew the 5-stones using fabric scraps and stuff them with raw green beans. I remember I felt really proud of the 5-stones mum had made me though.

After all that mum had done for us over the years, I reckon it’s time for me to do something for her. When I was small, mum would bring back some clothes from the factory to cut ends etc to earn some extra income. I was the youngest at home, and my sister was always out to play while I stayed home with my mum. Mum was worried that I was bored, so she would give me some work to help out with, and I really felt very good and ‘contributing’ towards our household income. Hahaha

Mum had worked for the same employer for more than 15 years, now that she is out of employment, it wouldn’t be easy for her. There would be a sense of insecurity due to loss of income. I wanted to make my mum feel useful again, although I can’t afford to pay her a fat salary, my key objective is to keep her occupied.

To be honest, mum hadn’t been very excited about the whole plan, she had been concerned though. She had been checking on my sales performance, and also how the new series is doing etc. oh well, the series hasn’t been launched till now. She isn’t keen to help out unless there is demand.. LOL.. I guess, I am fine to handle the work now, if the series proved to be popular, I would then rope her in to help.

Whatever it is, it’s great to have a new series after all.

I ran into quite a bit of obstacle with this series, but just glad it all came off fine now.





The name of the series ‘re:’ is an open-ended name, which truly derives from where the inspiration arrived from. With this series, I reminisce the good old childhood days; I recreate from the memories; I reinvent from what I can do; I remember my loving mother as though she was still young and healthy, so was I small and innocent.

For now, there are 8 designs in the shop for sale. re:series is launched with special introductory price, therefore the current promotion is not applicable for this series. The introductory price is not applicable to wholesale order too.

I hope you like this new series.

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