Crochet granny squares mail bag

Post bag

This DIY mail bag is specially made for me to drop in the packages to be mailed out. Mike helps to bring the packages to the post office almost everyday.

Initially, I would place the packages on his tray so that he would remember to bring the packages before he goes out to work. Now that his desk space is so taken up by his own stuffs, it’s not an ideal ‘location’ to drop my packages anymore.

Then, he hung the greeny recycle bag at the door knob of our work room. That worked for a short while, before the bag was used to carry other of his stuffs and never return to the door knob!

Since I still have some 8-ply yarn left, I decided to make a mail bag, and in the most colorful combination I can get. Most of my packages are not exactly that large, so the size is roomy enough to drop in quite a number of packages. I made a flap with a button pinned onto it, that reads ‘You’ve got mail’. LOL.. It’s almost like the in-flight lavatory, if it’s occupied, you see the sign changed. This is what I am going to do, if I drop packages inside, I will bring out the flap, and since the door is facing Mike, he should not miss it! 

(I may change the color of the flap to white instead, with the super colorful background, it wouldn’t be surprising that Mike completely miss the pin button!)

The reason to make it very colorful, Mike would probably rather die than to carry this bag out of the house! 

It just took me 1.5 days to finish this, pretty easy to make. Granny square is probably one of the earliest project I learnt to crochet, and I have probably learnt to crochet at age 8, instead of 10 that I mentioned many times before. I realized this when replying an email to a Sheri who just had her hand surgery. When I was 10 years old, I broke my right hand, and before that, I already know how to crochet, so it’s more likely that I learnt crochet before I broke my hand. I took almost 6 mths to fully recover from my fractured hand, and it was an important academic year, so I couldn’t be learning crochet that year. 

Anyhow, this simple granny square is very easy to work with, and when you get a hang of it, you would probably be crocheting away while your eyes are glued to the TV. The squares are joined with single crochet around the edges.

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