crochet wedding dolls, for Claris

Crocheted wedding couple for Claris

I really hope I got my cousin’s name correctly. You see, we don’t really write to each, I have not exactly seen her name in writing before too, so I am really not certain if I’ve gotten her name correctly spelt. 

This pair of wedding dolls is specially made for her, who is tying the knot in October. I have to make this now, because I may not even have time to celebrate my birthday in the same month!

You have no idea… the busy buzzy pace is starting to pick up as I typed. The weekend is going to be work days for me, because I stole the work day yesterday and play outside. LOL.. 

With the happy wedding dolls, my sincerest wishes goes to my cousin and her husband-to-be! Abundance of joy, happiness, and laughters, Claris!

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  1. Kit
    October 11, 2008 at 1:08 AM

    You are TALENTED!!! love ur works!

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