crochet works – nelly, the monster doctor

Nelly, the monster doctor

I mentioned much earlier that I did some sketches for new designs. One of which is Nelly. I planned to make a few of the monsters, but really, I can only managed one monster now, and since Shin-tzu has suddenly emerged, I have to shelf other monsters aside. 

This design is very much inspired by the Japanese comic book, One Piece, that I am following amongst other titles. There is this really adorable reindeer who has been trained to practice medicines. He has a really sad background though. He ate some devil fruit when he was small, and since, he was outcast by his own family and got bullied by human. He met this famous but eccentric female doctor (he first met with another doctor who died later), and became her apprentice. 

He left the doctor eventually and joined the pirates (good pirates..haha), and become the doctor of the ship. 

I love that reindeer, and when I was sketching Nelly, it wasn’t really based on that reindeer from the comic, but that comic is a super long story (it is still an ongoing story), I’d seen that reindeer so many times, it may have somewhat influenced the way I sketched Nelly. 

I would like to know Nelly as a humble and modest doctor who treats all other monsters regardless of their nature and appearances. We don’t get many of these doctors these days, and my wish is placed with Nelly.

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