crochet works – shin-tzu, the devil tamer

shin-tzu & dotty

Some fun illustration for my shin-tzu. The first doll is for me to keep!

shin-tzu, the devil tamer

You would already guessed that Shin-tzu is designed based on the illustration I did last week. I was so happy with Shin-tzu, I decided to make the 3D crochet doll of Shin-tzu. 

Of course, you may already notice that Shin-tzu and Dotty has become the best of friends, ever. The fun thing here is that I did the illustration of Shin-tzu in order to distract myself from entertaining that little devil in me, acting out the ‘worst’ of me. 

When I have completed Shin-tzu’s crochet doll, I realized that Shin-tzu looks really sweet and ‘well-behaved’, and somewhat more demure than what I had drawn in illustration. When I placed Dotty besides her, Dotty looks a little intimidating rather than tamed, with Shin-tzu’s hands placed in the front (as with most demure Japanese girls do in their most modest manners), a new thought emerged immediately.

The first image in this blog post clearly illustrates their new found friendship. I don’t know, sometimes when we try too hard to tame that little devil, maybe in another perspective, we may want to give some due respect to what we really feel, understand it, and make peace with ourselves. 

So, this is the story of Shin-tzu! Available in the store now!

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