new pattern saver pack

We have launched the new pattern saver pack across all our stores! There is a minimum 5 patterns to qualify for this saving buy. The discount structure is built-in, and if you buy more than 10 patterns, you enjoy up to 15% discount off the original price.

I am still buried with orders at this moment, so the Christmas designs may come nearing end of October. The shipment for some supplies have arrived in Singapore, but it’s not delivered to me yet. I reckon it should arrive next week. 

Some supplies are new, so I will need some time to take pictures and load them up. 

As there is a minimum tare weight added to my cart in simpleartsplanet main store,  the shipping fee at checkout may appear more than it should be. Do select the desired shipping mode, any excess fee charged to you will be refunded to you via paypal. 

+ small supplies (such as craft eyes, crochet hook etc) – Regular air (International); Regular (Singapore)
+ Yarns – Registered surface (International); Registered (Singapore)
+ Dolls – Registered air (International); Registered (Singapore
(All dolls are precious, they are handmade with care, registered shipping is always recommended)
+ Order value exceeding S$50 – Always select registered shipping

Although we are a small country, and SingPost being our main postal carrier has been pretty reliable, however, there are still lost mails and delayed mails for regular postage. My experience is that area in Bedok has always been a problem for delayed and lost packages.

If you select regular shipping for your purchases, we are unable to assist in tracking the package status if it is delayed or lost. To-date, we have one lost package sent to Bedok; one delay (package only arrive in 2 weeks as of mailing).

We could remove regular shipping selection in our cart, but we chose to leave the decision to the buyers instead. However, with the many packages we sent out daily and weekly, although we would be aware of the date of mailing, we are unable to narrow down the place of mailing and exact time of mailing. Only registered mailing provides proof of location and time of mailing at this point.

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