wedding favor – wee khiam & christina

wedding favor - Wee Khiam & Christina

This is a very sweet fairy tale alike love story…

When Chris contacted me about her interest in customizing wedding favors for her wedding, she shared with me her love story. 

Wee Khiam and Christina have been friends for a long time, but love has its way to work the wonders in its own mystical way. The sweet love only happens when they were posted overseas for work. 

The couple was actually based in different countries; one in South Africa, the other in China. As much as we may think maintaining a long distance relationship is challenging, this amazing couple not only overcomes the challenges but cherishes this treasured love they both share. 

Now, they bring this relationship to a greater height… a blissful marriage, ever after. 

Chris has been one of the most patient, and lovely lady I have worked with. She keeps an open-mind towards the artwork design, and allows us to do what we do best. 

In the artwork, Chris only has 2 main requests; Asian eyes for the couple; and the South Africa ‘Table Mountain’. 

Herein, we wish the couple a blissful marriage, and a wonderful wedding!

Artwork design: PJ
Artwork copyright: Wee Khiam & Christina

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