merry christmas!

Newsletter in a rush

Before we know it, Christmas jingle bell is ringing louder with each passing day. I don’t have much time left to think up and do up any other promotions. I am going to do it now, and extend it till 25 December 2008.

From now till Christmas day, we are taking off 15% off your purchases, just enter xmaspromo2008 at checkout, the sweet thing here is:
+ no minimum purchase required
+ no restriction of how many times you use the code

Extra sweetness for Singapore buyers:
(I love all my buyers, believe me, but as an indie seller operating this mini business operation, I can only afford to eat the domestic shipping cost)
+ Free regular shipping fee until 15 December 2008
+ the xmas promotion code can be used together with the free regular shipping

Ok, so with all the candies, I have some boundaries set too, I want to have a nice Christmas too!
+ The code is not applicable on items already on sale, special price, bulk discounts etc. These items are already tagged with special discount.
(all items in specials section; all items in destash section; yarn bulk discount listings; and value pattern sets) 
+ Those of you who have other coupons, you can’t use them with the Christmas code, but you get to decide which offers better savings eh.

Big Heads Up!
There is turnaround of approximately 5 working days (depending on the quantity of your order) for all doll orders (except for the dolls on sale, they are ready made). No kidding, the volume of orders for dolls we have now would require that I work longer hours everyday, including weekends. 

Please, please, please, order early if you plan to receive the orders before Christmas. Remember to add additional 2-3 days for shipping transit time, due to Christmas shipping madness.

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