vonie, the tiny snowboy (free pattern)

vonie, the tiny snowboy

Introducing saplanet originals’ first free pattern! This little snowboy is named vonie. I almost named him vainie, because of the flamboyant scarf he is wearing. Hah!

This is a simple pattern, by my standard, can be completed within an hour. It may still be a little challenging for new learner though, dolls are not exactly the ideal projects to begin with if you are new to crochet. That said, I have quite a handful of buyers who ‘were’ completely raw to crochet, but managed to master the skill in short time. 

Vonie is the perfect doll to hang on your Christmas tree; given the very tiny size, it is perfect to make into cell phone charm. 

You may grab the copy of the free pattern:
+ Straightforward download here at ravelry store 
+ you may also grab it in scribd (registration required)
+ If you are buying the project kit from my store, you may select for ‘download’ option in the pattern option, upon successful checkout, you will see the link for download, however the file is smaller (in order not to kill my bandwidth instantly), so the images are slightly compromised. See below comparison. The file you get in my store will be of the lower resolution, so the images are more patchy.

low vs high

Although Vonie is developed as a free pattern, be assured that the pattern is still done up the same manner I always do for selling patterns. You still get all the steps in clear illustration. It’s a sweet 6 pages pattern!


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