little friends for anthony

little friends for Anthony

I have to split Anthony’s order into 2 shipments, so that he could receive the first batch of order sooner. 

There is a sweet romantic loving story behind this order (I really love my job, I do have the tendency to attract sweet romantic buyers, and I love stories!!!), but I am not divulging anything here yet until I sought permission from Anthony. 

The photo frame used in this photo as the backdrop was what I made for Mike, but for some reasons, we figured we would not use it. I made 2 of these actually, using different sets of tiles. 

I dread to use the light tent for photography now, because it’s a little soiled now, and that bothers me. My workstation is near the window, and my work room faces the west direction, so the light comes through my window. I experimented with a new set up for photograph shooting. To avoid a harsh direct light casting on my little dolls, I placed a white thin cloth over at the window, so that the light is softer on the items; then using clothes pegs to clip on the ends of another cloth to the upper deck of my desk (I am using a 2 tiers sitoca computer table), and line the cloth nicely on the lower deck (writing area of the desk), now I have a nice white background, and foreground. 

It gives a larger area to arrange the times. Using my laser printer, I printed out a shintzu with the autumn backdrop and stick it in the middle portion of the photo frame, voila! I have a new backdrop for my dolls, and I can always print out new images. 

Oh, I actually use a 3M polarizing light to shine from the other side, to balance off the lighting. Polarizing light is a lot softer and it’s said to be non-glaring. I will continue to experiment the lighting though, but at present, I am happy with the end result. 

Ok, I have to dash now, I still have 15 more dolls to finish. 

(the bag I ordered from Wren designs is shipped!!! Will post up the pictures when I am done with the orders eh, it’s a beauty!)

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