little friends for pamela

little friends for Pamela

I have been chasing time like a mad cat! These little friends are flying out to Pamela in USA. 

A small hiccup in the shipping though. Our cart offers insurance purchase at the last stage of checkout, which I understood from Singapore Post that we are able to purchase the minimum S$5 insurance premium covering S$500 valued registered packages. I even called them up on the day I received Pamela’s order, just to be sure, and there was a small miscommunication. The lady said, ‘only air parcel is eligible for insurance purchase for USA shipments’. I told her about registering the package and all, and she said, ‘yes, non-registered package cannot be insured’. 

It turned out that she was referring to Speedpost Air Parcel. hahaha. They would need to try understand from the customer’s point of view, the terms Air Parcel is not a privileged term used solely by Speedpost. It’s a general term referring to Parcel sent via Air, at least that is what I understand. 

Anyhow, I have revised the shipping page, included Speedpost Air Parcel to most destinations. Unless the total value is really high, I wouldn’t recommend using Speedpost Air Parcel with insurance, the minimum insured is S$20 if the package falls below 500gms; 3% of the declared value if it exceeds 500gms. 

I am glad Pamela has been really sweet and understanding, and I am shipping these little ones out using Registered air instead. 

I will talk about the photo frame used as the backdrop of this photo in the next post.

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