wedding favors – hon foong & helen

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wedding favors - hon foong & helen

wedding favors - hon foong & helen
wedding favors - hon foong & helen

Hon Foong & Helen will be married on Christmas Day, how exciting!

They have selected several photos for me to work with, and picked out these 2. Not all photos are suitable to be used for making wedding favors, due to the composition of the photo. 

The end product turns out great, despite that the image resolution is lower than I wished for. They only have the reduced size of the photos, but the result is considered great.

Helen is very easy to work with, she has practically no demands or request for any amendments to be made to the mockup I had done up for her!

Believe me, I did my very best to have the images set in the best presentation. We haven’t done many photo magnets, therefore, I worked out a few mockups which I thought suit the photos and the couple. 

Have a blissful marriage and fun wedding!

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