the quietness reveals an opportunity

meow meow posing weird

I bet everyone is now excited about Christmas, and I didn’t even know it is already the Christmas eve until I heard the Radio DJ wished the listeners a Happy Christmas Eve!

I have been working my fingers crazy with crochet works for months, now that almost everyone is rushing out to get their last minute shopping, or excitedly whipping up the Xmas feasts, or getting to party the night out, I am here enjoying the cool weather, and still meddling with the tablet. 

angel of balance for joycez

I am still trying to work around with various softwares, to achieve a more desirable result of the artwork. I think I like drawing with Corel, and prefer to paint with Photoshop. 

These are created by toggling between Corel Paint and Photoshop. The more graining background of the angel of balance (2nd image) is done using the watercolor from Corel Paint. The cat is sketched out using Corel Paint, and colored fully with Photoshop.

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