personalized wedding favor – life sketch

wedding sketch

You already know that I am obsessed with drawing lately. I really think I am making some small progress since the first sketch I did. I learn new tricks each time, and it is very satisfying. 

wedding magnet if we are doing our wedding again
   wedding magnet if we are doing our wedding again

wedding magnet if we are doing our wedding again
   wedding magnet if we are doing our wedding again

I spent 3 days on this drawing, it’s quite a bit of work, or let’s say I am still learning. Unlike the dolls, life sketch has too much details, and I want to included as much as I could. 

I decide to make this into a magnet. Considering the high consumption of time to produce just one sketch, I may not offer this service, and I think the pro can do a much better job than I. I have received countless requests for caricature illustrations, and personally I still love PJ’s works to bits, too much cuteness to resist. I am doing this up so that the couples can visualize how it may look like to have their life sketches made into magnets. 

This wedding magnet set tells a story about Mike and I. I chose to use the image of a bus-stop as our backdrop, because our relationship began at a bus-stop, although neither of us could remember which bus-stop or the day we were trapped at the bus-stop, but it’s the magical bus-stop that sealed our fates together. (^_^)

I would imagine the fun to tell everyone who receives the favor (oh no, we are not re-doing the wedding, I wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding, it was perfect) the story of this composition. We had our wedding magnet for our wedding too, and it was nothing but fun when we were dragged aside by guests about the magnet images. 

It’s interest to imagine that the story embedded into these magnets would be told by guests to their friends. It may not mean a thing to them, but they are provided with a personal love story of the couple, isn’t that nice? When asked by friends, they now have an option to tell the love story behind the favor, rather than a standard ‘Oh, this is the favor I received from a friend’s wedding’.

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