happy valentine’s day!

valentine's day specials

I know it’s still early (or is it??) for Valentine’s Day. I am going away in 5 days’ time, and I am trying to check through things to see if I am missing out any tasks which MUST be completed before my trip. 

The last day before I leave for my trip is also the Lunar New Year’s eve. As a married woman, I now have 2 reunion meals to take, so that would be a really really busy day for us. 

I meant to include these items in the monthly specials section in February, but I would be in a foreign land by then. Although I am confident that I will have access to internet, but I really don’t plan to spend hours on the net when I was supposed to enjoying and relaxing. 

So, this is good news for you! The promotion starts earlier!

Jump in to our monthly specials now, to grab some goodies at discounted price!

Shopping Tips: 
Always check out our monthly specials before you start your shopping, some selected items are duplicated in the monthly specials section at discounted price, while the regular categories would still have the same items at regular prices.

This is necessary because some buyers are holding special birthday discount and saplanet club discount, which will entitle them to a better discount. Due to constraint of discount control, this is the best arrangement we can think of now.

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