shop policies (revised)

We have received emails from regular/new buyers seeking for advices pertaining to our pattern restrictions. We promised to review them, and take into consideration of the current economic situation. 

We are pleased to revise the pattern restrictions as follows:
[Patterns Copyright/Restriction]
+ Each pattern is sold with a single license issued to that individual buyer only;
+ Buyers may not redistribute, resell, and/or translate pattern into another language for reselling; including publishing on the internet. Regret that action will be taken against those who infringe this clause.
+ Free pattern(s) offered by Simple Arts Planet is/are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Singapore License. 

Finished doll
+ Buyers may create and sell dolls made from saplanet originals patterns;
+ This is subject to individual buyers only;
+ Buyers are not allowed to #mass produce dolls from our patterns for retail purposes;
+ Buyers are required to state clearly on/in the product/listing, the design credit ‘dolls made from saplanet originals patterns’. 


To further explain the revision, here are some simplified answers:
+ Make unlimited number of dolls from our patterns (by yourself) and give away as gifts 
+ Make unlimited number of dolls from our patterns (by yourself) and sell in craft shows, online shops (such as Etsy, DaWanda, or self-hosted etc)
+ Assign design credit in your listing/product tags as ‘dolls made from saplanet originals patterns’, for every doll you make and plan to sell from our patterns
+ Share the FREE patterns offered by saplanet originals 

+ Share, distribute, publish our patterns freely or for commercial purpose, each pattern is a single license issued to you only
+ Resell the Free patterns offered by us
+ Assume the design as your own just because you make some small changes to the design 
+ Mass produce – refers to engaging other crafter other than the licensee, to produce dolls from our patterns 

After much consideration, we are relaxing the restrictions because we know this is a really trying period for everyone, and you just want to bring back some income to help out with the financial strain at home. However, it is in our interest that we have to hold back some restrictions. 

We had tons of headaches in the past when people started to see the money rolling into their pockets, and they take us for granted and stopped assigning design credits to us and assumed the designs as their own. There were so much trouble caused. We ask you to be nice and keep in mind that this is our livelihood and what keeps the business going. 

We know you don’t like to see the mention of action to be taken against the infringement of the policy, and we sincerely apologize that we are taking that really seriously. In Year 2008 alone, we had unpleasant encounters with unethical buyers and websites who posted up our patterns freely along with other independent sellers’ patterns. It was a painstaking process to communicate with the respective webmasters to take down the patterns from the site; some sellers had arrived together to consider legal action to be taken against the offender(s). We had a China sweat shop claiming our designs as theirs to be mass produced, and stole our product images for showcasing. If you know how much pain and financial losses we had incurred due to such offending action, you would be able understand why we had to stick to our guns on some restrictions.

This revision applies to all patterns purchased before today, and in the future, regardless of venues of purchase. 

If you have any questions pertaining to this revision, please feel free to contact us via the contact from in our webstore.

Visit our shop policy page to view the complete shop policy.

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