cozy up the remote controls

cozy up the remote controls

The soft polyester yarns had been in the yarn box since my trip to Australia last February. I decided to make another holder for our room to hold the remote controls, which otherwise were all over the places, and kind of defeat the purpose of ‘remote’ controlling the electronic appliances when we had to search all over places for them. 

remote controls holder

I wasn’t sure if it may turn out nice, but when it’s completed, I am certain the colors fit the room completely, and it’s really gives a really soft and cozy feel to the room. 

This is probably the last project for now till I return from my vacation, which is just a day away!!!!!

I had done the laundry and will start packing the luggage later. Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year’s eve, so there is quite a bit to do for the Chinese families. For me, I will be busy feasting!

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  1. February 3, 2009 at 6:41 AM

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