2009 – year of turmoils, scandals, and conflicts

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So I heard that year 2009 is a year of turmoils and scandals. Well, turmoil is probably a spill-over from 2008, as for scandal and conflict, they are probably playing big this year.

For Chinese, the ‘real’ turning of the year begins on 04 Feb instead of 01 Jan of the year. It is believed that the ‘energy’ of the previous year would be felt even before 04 Feb, as the energy transits into the new year.

This is definitely a year of scandal and conflict, I would think it’s so TRUE, at least in my own experience. The lunar new year kicked off bad for me, and I am really negatively affected by a nonsensical conflict, indirectly and innocently pointing back at me. I was busy ‘comforting’ myself, and my cell phone is still in the mute mode. Business goes on as usual, I would think that I do a great job in segregating personal and business matters. For the personal portion, I am resting in a sweet nice shell for now. 

This happened just a day before I took off for my holiday, and thank goodness, I can be very slow in reacting to negative things, so the holiday went perfectly enjoyable. I am experiencing foul mood since I came home. It’s beginning to wear off though, and this emotion is so intensified, it is probably generating an inspiration to create a design based on this. Not that it’s going to be a negative design, on the contrary, it’s a ‘cure’ that I think would do good if we engaged into that in the first place.

In the year of turmoil, scandal, and conflicts, perhaps, this will do everyone good.

Just what am I talking about? I have drafted out the sketch (not finalized yet, but I am contemplating animal to creature at this point) so it shouldn’t take too long to see the end result.

If you are wondering how does muting the cell phone helps with the present situation? Oh well, I believe that cell phone brings out strings of ‘immediacy’ and ‘urgency’ that require 100% of my immediate attention, and with a semi-damaged emotions playing in my head, immediacy is bad, it may just evoke unnecessary anxiety. 

When the sky seems falling onto us, perhaps, we should just take it in our strides and pause a little, to see where exactly the sky is falling onto eh? Fast may not necessarily be the wisest action if we aren’t sure that our reflexes would be as agile as before.

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