newsletter – march 09

newsletter - march 09

This issue was planned to roll out only after the next new design is out, which I thought would be really soon. Like always, life wouldn’t be this interesting, if not for the bizarre last-minute, impromptu, unpredicted events eh? 

Rolling out in this issue, I have included a new product ‘Mood Perks‘. With the current economy situation looming over our heads, it’s no longer an easy task to feel at our best moods. Life could feel a little stale, and perhaps that spells clearly of my own mood. Therefore, I create this new perk, in hope to satisfy for this purpose. We plan, schedule, and arrange, yet things may just not flow accordingly, perhaps, this may train us to keep an open mind for various possibilities, and may we be able to accept the unexpected more readily.

I have did an illustration of the grandpa and grandma and made it into a pocket mirror. 

I may have ‘played’ with the old couple longer than I usually would. I kind of like casting backgrounds with the photos that I took when I traveled. The photos which I took in USA are especially delicious, I am guessing it could be due to the weather. 

The background which I use to cast on the dolls, was a photo taken in the boat ride towards Alcatraz. (yes, if you are familiar with ‘The Rock’ movie, you should know this place too) One thing I know for sure, the ride was so rocky that I felt drowsy all over even though we were landed on grounds.

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