feature – singstyle

feature - singstyle

March has been a ‘feature’ month for us, I sincerely feel honored and flattered by the several invitations to be featured in the respective esteemed blogs/website. 

Just days ago, I received an email from singstyle, which I would understand as Singapore Style, inviting me for an interview to be featured in their new blog. 

This sounds really interesting, because it is Singapore based. Like I mentioned in the interview, I am very optimistic towards the local scene, especially the handmade arena, as I am seeing a shift of consumers’ preference from the mass produces to the handmade produces. 

Unlike most interviews I had done (not that many, just a few really), singstyle extracted the information from the questionnaire that I filled up, and encase it with accordance to their style. I like that very much, they definitely word the sentences better than I do! It felt like a real face-to-face interview and later published in the professional manner. 

I am confident that this new blog will be a hit in no time. It embraces a professional style, yet easy to read.

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  1. singstyle
    May 12, 2009 at 3:36 PM

    Thanks Lis – Sing Style hearts SAPlanet!

    Kudos to you and all Singaporean Creatives!


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