love begins… (crochet dolls)

love begins...

love begins...
love begins..

love begins...
love begins...

Love begins in the most bizarre way, and at the strangest hours for this couple. This design is a special request from a dear friend who is celebrating the love anniversary with her boyfriend.

The story goes that the girl who suffered from sleep order met the boy through a mutual friend’s birthday party at Ministry of Sound. (The girl is a good friend of the birthday boy’s fiancé and the boy is the birthday boy’s good friend.

For weeks, she called the boy at wee hours in the night. Unknown to them, their fathers know one another back in their childhood days at the Boy’s Brigade club and went to the same church.  The boy who was deprived of sleep, made the girl “delete” off his number and stop harassing him, which he felt bad and guilty afterwards for treating a lady in that manner. So she did and then he called her! The tables are then turned…

Amazingly, a sweet love blossoms since, and strange at how coincidences overlaps…

how love begins..

‘Love Begins…’ is a special (really special) customized design when a dear friend finally tracked me down on the phone.

I was given the luxurious long lead time to complete this project, but I never thought I would feed off the excitement of my friend. I rocketed off immediately to sketch up a draft while commuting to meet up with a friend.

This is however, not the original idea (the original is shelved aside for now, for later use, that was quite a good one too..hahaha) but a result of discussion with my friend, and even then, it was further fine-tuned while I worked my hands on the dolls.

(Note: I am not naming the friend and the significant other, because the anniversary will only be celebrated some time later, a separate blog post will be published much later, and more details will be provided
the order is delivered to the couple, it is now safe to mention them in the post of ‘remembering how love begins…’)

I don’t exactly accept requests for a completely customized design, because I am a willful crafter who wants to do exactly what pleases me. Let’s say, maybe I need to adopt more flexibility and accommodating ability if I even consider offering this service.

Customized designs can be quite challenging, because I am a perfectionist, and the super high expectation I set for myself can build up enormous amount of stress on myself. I am strangely adamant in wanting to keep my style of doll design, I love simplicity, yet not compromising the quality of work, and some distinguished details of my design.

Perhaps due to the lack of information and knowledge of the craft, people may sometimes have unrealistic requests, which I may fail to measure up to. As with any customization work, it’s only suitable for people who keep an open mind and give allowance for variation of the final product from their imagination. It’s like watching a Harry Potter and reading the novels, our imagination may never be matched up by the directors’ comprehension of the story.

I am not quite an artist, but pretending to be one at times. I may not have the flair of a talented artist, but I have definitely adopted the typical arrogant and eccentric habits. I don’t want to just sell for the sake of selling, I want to feel accomplished, and satisfied. I may feel dejected if the client was to demand for a redo on certain parts. I always do my best, and at my best knowledge of aesthetic result, and might really hate to be contested against. Ahhh.. Aesthetic sense is another abstract area to discuss eh.

What can I say about this project? It’s been very fulfilling and satisfying. I feel honored to be invited to participate in a small way of someone’s love story, in this context.

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