lip balm holders for the helpers

gesture of appreciation

I am not entirely sure what makes a perfect gift of appreciation to the bridal helpers, since I didn’t have any official ones for my wedding.

Although I offer customized favors in my shop, but I am completely useless in terms of traditions and stuffs. See, the reason why people choose ‘customized’ items, is because they want something different, or unique to them, so let’s say, the sky’s the limit for that eh.

This lot of crocheted lip balm holders is a special request. To maximize the sincerest appreciation towards the helpers, the bride is getting home-made lip balms (I don’t make them) and wants to pack the balms with handmade pouches. Some lucky helpers there! So much love and effort pack into the little tubes!

I don’t have many buttons left after I completed the project, so I made one of each color, and will be listing them up soon. The holders are attached with zipper pulls.

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