new supplies – part ii

the eyes and nose

New supplies in-store now! Some supplies were running dangerously low in stock, most of them are restocked, while some are still in ‘low-stock’ status (you will know when you order more than what we have in-stock) because some stocks didn’t arrive in this shipment. 

The new safety eyes are in 6mm size, which is perfect for super mini dolls. Also in this lot, we brought in mini black triangle nose in 6mm size. Other nose designs only come in large sizes, so this is probably the most suitable for my dolls. 

Pink eyes have gained popularity in a very short time, so we brought in 12mm pink eyes too, 6mm pink eyes are out of stock though. 

I am trying new way of photographing the eyes, to allow better illustration of the eyes placement against crocheted work. I meant to change all the photos in the store, so that they are more uniform, but the weather hasn’t been the best lately, and when I finally chanced upon great lighting, I was deviate away to configure the new computer. boo…

Some yarns are running low stock too, and my last visit to the manufacturer wasn’t fruitful to replenish the low stock colors, because those colors are completely out of stock in the warehouse too!!!

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