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If you may have noticed, the previous flash widget on the left panel is replaced with a static image, that’s because I have uploaded 2 new files to the folders, the Vonie snowboy, and free granny square (I won’t be sending the granny squares out anymore, you can grab it there instead), then the flash gone bizarrely cranky. I couldn’t fix it, and the support team from couldn’t quite understand the issue too.

Apparently, wordpress hosting is not exactly flash and script friendly, for some reasons, after I copied and pasted the code into the widget box in the admin area, the box magically eats up some of the codes, causing the flash to malfunction.

I gave up trying, because my patience is thinned out, since I am feeling under the weather, largely caused by the hot and humid weather in Singapore now. 35deg C (95deg F) is no kidding matter for me, and my health decides to take a toll on me.

facebook is the way to go...

Meanwhile, when I am sick enough to ‘apply’ for ‘sick leave’ off my work, I am not sick enough to attempt to be a gamer! I am not so much a gamer, but I realized that I kind of like puzzle games! I love mad caps (gamehouse), hexic (msn games), and now bejeweled deluxe 2 (popcap games).

I was introduced to mad caps by my sister, and I played that occasionally since it’s installed in my mum’s windows operating computer (I barely play it now, since my mum retires from her job and becomes a full time gamer!). I played hexic from facebook, and got hooked into it for a bit, I just hate the time mode selection, because it sends me panicky mood to race with time.

Last evening, I was feeling really lethargic and feverish, the headache was the killer, and I was waiting for Mike to come home with the pain pill. I was just checking out my facebook for any updates, and saw this color small thumbnail image of bejeweled, so I thought of just exploring it. Of course, one thing followed another, when the 1 minute taster game was no longer enough for me, and I found myself buying the game on popcaps site. I would have bought the hexic, but they are losing out big time because they don’t support Mac users!!

You may purchase bejeweled from gamehouse too, I am only getting one game, so I am not getting from them since they don’t accept paypal, and it’s priced in USD.

Puzzle games are popular amongst the ladies and possibly the children too. They are easy to play, and less intense as compared to action games.

I am taking well deserved rest for now, because my lungs are feeling heavy (how do I know that? I am just guessing of course, sometimes I played doctor too.) as breathing seems a little heavier.

Orders get processed as usual, another part of me is still very dedicated to work, otherwise I wouldn’t be online and blogging this up already. haha

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