new banner for the mummy’s day

poor little birdie.. hard at work

I had tried to ‘plant’ a banner in my webstore before, but it just turned out really bizarre since I am using heavily modified template for my shopping cart. To make matter worse, I can’t even remember what I had done!!

Soon, the thought of using a banner was scrapped to bits, because it’s just too much brain cell damage done to experiment around all over again.

Did someone say something about leaving the unsolvable problem for a bit, then return to reinvestigate it, you might be pleasantly amazed with the new method to go around the problem.

That is so true! I was gaming the whole day yesterday, besides the morning session of orders processing and packing. The truth about all day gaming.. it almost nearly definitely guarantee a backache, arm ache, and eye-strain, for real! That said, it was good to take my mind off work for a bit and just play easy game.

This morning, I woke up with the weirdest dream (fine, not the weirdest, I have all the weird dreams if you must explore) of my past boyfriend, mixes of various employment environment, and the nastiest bosses!!

The strange thing is.. amidst the strange mixes of the dream component, I actually developed a way to overcome the logo problem in my webstore! I suddenly know how to replace the logo with a banner!!

I am still trying to achieve a ‘fast vs slow’ balance, as in speedy recovery from the sickness by slowing down my legs (and hands) for a bit. So, I decided to do up the banner for the upcoming Mummy’s Day! I am easily contented, so I am pretty pleased with the outcome, except that I never find blue a pal of orange, they don’t go along so well. I am rather sensitive to colors, so I almost wanted to change the color theme of the shop to blue/green. Then again, I am going to take this banner down after mum’s day, so.. maybe next time around eh.

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