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I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! This year, my mum is now out of town with her siblings to celebrate the belated Mother’s Day. It’s kind of a annual ritual now, they all travel out of the country as a group to celebrate this day, some fathers join the group this time around.

This lot of customized lip balm holders is requested by a very sweet lady who values her friendship with her college friends and wants to present them with a gift that is customized to their favorite colors, on their upcoming graduation.

It’s a very sweet thought, if you ask me.

May kicks off a lot better for us, as compared to April. Thank you for your continual support, peeps! I am going to work on a new design today, while another few customized orders in the queue.

I have a whole bunch of raw digital photos to edit, which I will keep them till I have finished all the orders on hand.

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  1. Lanna
    May 12, 2009 at 12:19 PM

    Your lip balm holders would be super cute to use as usb/flash flash drives in. I love your amigurumi characters!! I’m a bit of a novice crocheter, I’ve made two penguins for my brother based on characters for a church gig he did, they were really sweet considering I free handed them (no pattern). I have them posted on flickr @


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