sneak peek – humpty dumpty

sneak - humpty dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is probably one of the earliest nursery rhymes we learnt as a child.

Here is the sneak peek of the humpty dumpty I have just completed. When I showed this sweet little eggy to my dad, ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…’ he said. ‘Full stop’, I interrupted.

This little eggy is not going to have a great great fall! Seriously, he is a crocheted toy, so what if he has a great fall, he is not going to break!

I am editing the photos now, and prepare the pattern right after. My eyes are not doing so well, so the progress may delay eh. I actually imagined the Humpty Dumpty slightly differently, but decided to keep it simple. I know I have been doing more complicated designs lately, and there are just days that we want to do a quick project.

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  1. Betty Dannelly
    April 9, 2010 at 12:47 AM

    Hello, I’d like a copy of the Humpty Dumpty crochet pattern. I used to have it, but during my move from Calif to Pa, I lost a lot of my patterns & yours looks the most like the one I had. I want to make it for my Great grandaughter’s new baby. Thanks God Bless Hugs Betty

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